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Chasing Waterfalls

What do you do when your family is out of town and you have a whole bunch of time all to yourself? Why you go hiking and chase some waterfalls to curb your boredom\loniness! I think this will be my new favourite thing to do in the summer months.

I did two hikes. The first one was Troll Falls in Kananaskis Country. On this hike, like a dummy, I forgot my 8 stop ND filter and my polarizing filter (another 2 stops) so I didn’t get the images that I wanted of the main falls where all the crowds are. I tried to find some good shady spots and played with my metering, but still didn’t get the shots I wanted. So you wont see any images of that one (but I went back this weekend armed with the appropriate gear...so I will post those at a later date). With that being said, I climbed up past the main falls and found this canyon above Troll Falls and got this shot (among others).

Now I totally stood in the water over my ankles in my hiking shoes, with my tripod legs in the water, wedged firmly against some rocks so that the current wouldn’t push it over or shake my camera for this long exposure shot, but I think it was totally worth the wet feet!

The next day I got up and took myself out to Silverton Falls which is near Castle Mountain Junction. This time I remembered the appropriate filters to get the shots I wanted to in the brightness of midday (which is not the optimum time of day to get these types of photos by the way). This hike was short but steep to the main falls. There was also almost no one on this hike. I think I saw about 8 people the whole 3 hours I was there. While this is great for pictures, it’s not nesssarily good when there are bears in the area and I had forgotten my bells and bear spray at home...

This shot required me scrambling down a VERY sketchy rock face to a little landing. In hindsight this is probable something I should not have done being there all by myself, but I did it and the shot was great.

I then hiked back down and went a bit off the main path (I squeezed past the little wood deterrent fence) hoping to follow the river up to the base of the falls in the hopes of getting a shot from the ground up on the big falls.

As you can see from the left of this image, I couldn’t get to the bottom of the “main” falls due to that big rock formation. However, the way the light and the shade play with the water in this awesome shot made me not so sad I couldn’t make it around that rock formation.

While walking back downstream I decided to take a different than my usual image and set up pointing my camera downstream instead of my usual camera pointing upstream. I have to say that I am overall happy with the above overall result.

Also while hiking downstream I found that the river had split and made this little island in the middle (for all you nerdy geologist types like me, this is called a eyot or ait). I had to do a little more climbing over some rocks and downed trees to get to this to get spot to take this photo, but it turned out pretty awesome. I especially like how the light and shadows play due to the forest canopy.

So it appears that I can turn even the easiest of hikes in to an adventure with my camera!

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