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Hello Miss Olivia!

I had the wonderful pleasure of photographing little Miss Olivia in my studio some weeks back. She was an absolute doll! She slept like a champ and we hammered the entire session out in under 2 hours!

I got to try out some of the ne props I had created, but my favourite was being able to get all the posing bag images that I intended.

This is what I refer to as bay led posing. Basically I position the baby as close to the pose that I want to get, but if baby struggles or looks uncomfortable, I simply let baby be.

I woul have loved to get baby Olivia’s fingers flat, but she wouldn’t have any of that! Regardless, she is behond adorable an the only ones to notice the lack of flat fingers is a photographer like me... Olivia was so happy to just curl up and sleep!

We just let her sleep and added a pice of fabric to accent her beautiful features! What a perfect baby girl! She was just a joy to work with!

I have quite a few new parents in my studio that are not comfortable (especially new mama’s) being photographed. The above is one of the many ways I can photograph mom and dad with out showing or making them uncomfortable in any way. This image still shows the love and the closeness that mom and dad have with their new bundle of joy! Miss Olivia is the center of their world and this image illustrates that!

What a great image to end the session with!

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