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My Love of Lifestyle Family Photography

I love and adore lifestyle family photography....especialy outdoors! Many people ask me why...well, I get to capture family’s being, well, families!

I cannot and will not tell you that these sessions are not “posed”, they are, but in a different way. One of my mentors calls it “directing” rather than posing and I tend to agree. I still give my clients direction all the time, but its just more relaxed.

Let’s face it! Family isn’t perfect! It’s messy, it’s goofy, it’s frustrating, it’s exhausting, it’s happy, and it’ so many other things....and all those things are the reason that I love lifestyle family photography. I may “direct“ my family, but in the end what happens just happens and its perfect in its own awesome way!

Usually my favourite images of a session are the ones that show personality and/or family dynamic. Those are the moments I adore capturing most.

This one here above is probably my favourite from this session. This little man squeezed his mom sooo hard and when she giggled, he squeezed harder! You definitely know that he loves his mama.

A case of the giggles at a session is awesome! It may not be you picture perfect family photo, but its them!

Now don’t get me wrong! I always make sure to get at least one “Christmas Photo” money shot at each session. We still want to make sure that grandma is happy!

This session was so fun! I am so glad I get the opportunity to hang with these cool families and I am so glad thet have given me the opportunity to photograph them!

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