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Safety, safety, safety...

So you are looking for a photographer....I am sure you have been to their website and you like their work, but what do you really know about them other than that they can take a good picture? First and foremost do you trust them, are you confident that they will treat your family in a way that you feel comfortable and safe?

Yes, I said safe.  I am a outgoing happy easy to get along with person.  I can help my clients be comfortable and relaxed in any situation, however I also wanted to make sure that my clients felt safe.  This is especially so when I am handling precious cargo like their children and newborns.

When it comes to my family and maternity sessions, I make sure that outdoor locations are in safe places free of dangers for my clients.  In my studio I make sure that it is free of tripping hazards and anything else that might be deemed unsafe. However, I have also made sure that I have taken first aid safety training  just in case.  Lets face it, sometimes you can do and prepare everything correctly and accidents still happen.

For my newborn sessions, I have taken things a bit further.  Whilst I am a mother of three beautiful kids of my own and know how to handle baby, I still felt that wasn't enough.  So I decided t take some newborn posing safety classes.  

Did you know that there are some poses that are quite simply unsafe if done incorrectly?!? Babies cannot hold themselves up like you see in may newborn photograhers poses (i.e. the froggy pose or chin on hands pose).  You would be surprised at the amount of misinformation out there.  Just go on the YouTube and watch...sometimes the things I see in these supposed newborn photographer tutorials gives me shivers.  

So what I can tell you, whether you choose me as you photographer or not.... YOU DO NOT HAVE TO AGREE TO ANYTHING THAT MAKES YOU OR YOUR CHILDREN FEEL UNSAFE! 

Here are some questions that you should ask

1) Have you received newborn specific posing training?

2) What safe practices do you have in your studio with regards to the safety of your clients?

3) When completing your newborn sessions, do you work with an assistant or will I be asked to spot my baby during the session?

4) Are you currently up to date within relevant vaccinations?

5) Are you insured?

So whether you choose me as your photographer or not, please feel free to comment here with any other questions that you. might have.

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