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Welcome to the world Jasper (Part II - That was cutting it REAL close... )

Well I am sure that you all remember the blog when I had maternity shoot and then mom had the baby 6 hours later (That was cutting it REAL close....)? That baby is Jasper and he is a little doll!

His big brother Oliver must have been the most cooperative 2 year old I have ever had in my studio. He was so excited to be a big brother! You can tell from the photos how excited he was!

Even in their family pictures, Oliver was still the most happy cooperative kid! What a gorgeous family!

Little Jasper was very adorable too! Every time I have a newborn in my studio I marvel at their tiny features. That includes everything from the tip of there head to the base of their toes.

I look forward to seeing this family grow up in their family photos in the future!

Welcome to the world Jasper!!!

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